Hurricane Panels Upclose

Features of the Hurricane Depot .040, .050 and .0615 hurricane aluminum panel

Front View of the aluminum .050 hurricane panel

Front View at a 45 degree angle of the aluminum .050 hurricane panel

From the beginning edge to the ending edge the hurricane panel measure 14.25". 

The width of the hurricane panel should not be considered when determining how many hurricane  panels are required per opening.  Each hurricane panel has keyholes for mounting every 6" inches on center.

The hurricane panel has a 2" profile and these will fit the 2" h-headers and build-out U tracks.  If you have hurricane panels and would like to purchase our tracks, make sure the channel U width is exactly 2".

The 2" x 2" angle track (Studded-Angle)  has stainless steel studs with 1/4" x 20 threads every  six inches.  The studded-angle track can be mounted to the floor or wall surface.  The hurricane panels can also be mounted to the walls using a F-track or any direct mounting hardware (no tracks).

The hurricane panel above  is shown in the studded-angle track.  Notice the track is cut 1.5" longer past the stud on the right side.  This is to allow for the hurricane panel and the extending 45 degree angle edge to go beyond the first and last stainless steel stud..  An extra 3/4" of coverage is gained at the beginning and ending of each opening.

The hurricane panels have 3 keyholes on the bottom for mounting.  The hurricane panels overlap every 12" on center.

The heavy duty washered based wing-nuts are used to fasten the hurricane panels onto the tracks (Studded-Angle or F-track).

One full hurricane panel can be overlapped with another at the 6" point for half panel coverage.  This picture above shows 2 hurricane panels with 1 panel overlapped.  The coverage of 1.5 hurricane panels is 18" (12" + 6").  The track would be cut at 21" for 1.5 panels.

The hurricane panels can be directly mounted to the wall without using tracks.  One method for mounting into CBS Block is to use the  lead machine screw anchors, stainless steel combo truss head screws and keyhole washers.  The keyhole washers are used to displace the heads of the combo truss screws over the keyhole eyelids in the hurricane panels.

The clear Polycarbonate Proxtexan hurricane panels from Transparent Protections System (TPS)

The clear hurricane panels has the same dimensions as the aluminum hurricane panel.

The clear hurricane panels can also be used in conjunction with the aluminum hurricane panels.

The edges of the aluminum hurricane panels extend out 1.25" with a cripple  ("Safety Edge") for added safety while handling the hurricane panels.  We do recommend you always wear safety gloves when carrying hurricane panels.  The Safety Edge also makes it easier to separate panels when they are stacked upon each other.  The 1.25" inch edge reinforces the seams where hurricane panels overlap every 12" on center..
The Miami-Dade County building code requires hurricane panels to be engraved with the manufacturer's name and notification of" Miami-Dade Product Approved"

Hurricane panels stack neatly together and takes up very little space.  Ten hurricane panels stacked together is about 1"


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