Secure Door - Hurricane Garage Door Brace

Hurricane Garage Door Brace
Vertical Hurricane Garage Door Bracing System
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The garage door is potentially the largest and weakest opening...

Production Information

  • Florida Building Code approved (FL2364); exceeds ASTM E330 and SBCCI retrofit wind speed standards.
  • Patented with a unique telescoping design that enables the brace to fit almost all garage doors.
  • Brackets attach to hinges to keep the door from blowing in or being sucked out and are adjustable to permit the brace to be installed on doors with horizontal braces.
  • The brace is anchored into the wall above the garage door, into the garage floor, and to each hinge, providing the necessary reinforcement of the garage door tracks.
  • Made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that is lightweight yet incredibly strong; each brace weighs less than 15 pounds.
  • Selected by the University of Florida for their Windstorm Training Center hurricane-resistant model homes.
  • Does not remain permanently attached to the garage door.

Production Benefits

  • Provides protection against up to 180 mph winds (dependent upon the quality, condition type of material used in the fabrication of your garage door).
  • Much less expensive than hurricane-resistant garage doors and garage door shutters.
  • More effective than retrofitted horizontal garage door braces.
  • Can be set up in three minutes or less should a hurricane threaten.
  • Does not attach permanently to the garage door; stores inconspicuously and conveniently out of the way.
  • Does not require a building permit for purchase or installation.
  • May qualify you for some type of homeowners insurance discount.
  • Fits almost all garage doors.
  • Lightweight, requires no maintenance.
  • Reinforces the garage door and provides an anchor and support in addition to the garage door tracks.


Manufacturer's Recommendation

Installation Manual
Single Garage Door (8' wide x 7' high) Double Garage Door (16' wide x 7 hight)
1-brace (179 mph) 2-brace (169 mph) or 3-brace (180 mph)

The above guidelines are based on ASTM E330-90 test results on a new 7’ x 16’ rolled 26 gauge sheet steel door (0.0175” thickness) with no windows and with an estimated wind speed resistance capability of 70 mph.  The same type door installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and reinforced with three Secure Door® braces withstood pressure equivalent to 180 mph wind speeds in independent laboratory tests.  Based upon engineer calculations, a single door of the same specifications reinforced with a single Secure Door brace will also withstand wind speeds of approximately 180 mph.  Engineer calculations for double door protection (door specification as above) project that two braces in lieu of three provides protection for wind speeds up to 165 mph. 

Protection levels assume correct brace installation. Individual consumer results will vary with the age, size, condition, construction method, installation technique, and material of the door to which the Secure Door braces are attached

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* Wind inspectors will not accept the Garage Door brace in Miami-Dade or Broward County *
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