Horizontal mounting (Sill or ledge sticks out)
If you have a window or sliding glass door with a sill or ledge, we recommend installing the panels horizontally.  The panels can be mounted directly to the wall or the 2" x 2" studded angles can be used on each side.

Picture provided by the Payne's


Land O' Lakes, Florida

September 2004

Layout your window before drilling.  Assuming the window has a width of 38" and a height of 51", we will be installing 5 panels at 46".  Four panels would only give us coverage of approximately 49.5".  If you do not have room for 5 panels (61.5"), one panel could be over lapped for a 4.5 panel fit.  The half panels (6") are also available in aluminum .050.  We  must add 6" to 8" to the width of the window to determine the length of our panels.  If we were to add  8", our panels length would be 46". 

1.  Since  the window has a sill, the first panel must rest on the sill.  Center one panel on the window and mark a dot in the center of the bottom keyhole on the panels.  If the window does not have a sill, center the panels from top to bottom over the window or door.

2.  Remove the panel from the top of the sill. 

3.  Using a level and a tape measure, mark the wall every 12" from the bottom to the top.  Assuming we are working on the left side of the window, you should have six vertical dots on your wall. 

4.  Using a level, line up one of the dots on the left side and draw a thin line about 2" to 3" past the window on the right side. 

5.  Place your tape measure on the dot on the left side and measure over to the right 44" (length of the panel - 2") and place a dot on the horizontal line.

6.  Follow the procedure in step 3 to mark your vertical dots on the right side.

  1. Premark your holes.
  2. Using the " Combination Drill Bit, drill a hole deep enough to insert the 1/4-20 Machine Screw Anchor into the Concrete or Concrete Block.  Blow-out any excess dust in the hole.  We recommend using a can of compressed air.
  3. Insert the -20 Machine Screw Anchor with the cone shaped portion entering the hole first.  This is very important!  The cone must be in the back of the hole.
  4. Insert the machine screw setting tool into the lead portion of the anchor and strike the end with a hammer until the lead portion expands over the cone shaped portion of the anchor. Your anchor is now ready to be used with the -20 combo truss head stainless steel screw.   Notice in the picture below the lead portion of the anchor is expanded back into the hole.
1/2" masonry combo Bite
Setting tooling and machine screw anchor
Stainless combo bit and anchor
The holes in the panel are keyhole shape to allow the panel to be installed without taking the screws completely out.  The center of the hole is 1" from the bottom Keyhole washers are used to reinforce the head of the combo truss head over the keyhole in the panels.