Tapcon® concrete screws
We recommend using the ITW Buildex Maxi-Set Tapcon® masonry screws.  The screws are available in white, bronze or silver.  For more product information go to ITW Tapcon® .

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Tapcon driver tool with a magnetic 5/16" nut-setter
  1. Premark your holes.
  2. Drill hole with 3/16" masonry concrete bit for Max-Set Tapcon® screws about 2" deep. 
  3. Blow out hole with compressed air.  If the hole is not blown out  the dust inside of the hole is pushed to the back, causing the screw to stop or crack off.
  4. Place the 1/4" x 1 3/4" Maxi-Set Tapcon® in the hole.
  5. Drive Maxi-Set into the hole.