PanelMates® Plus Fastener
Install Plywood or Metal Storm Panels.  Works in Concrete, Masonry and Wood!  PanelMate Plus anchors feature a special, multipurpose v-notched thread design which permits their quick and easy installation into concrete, masonry and wood...a single anchor for all applications

Features   Specification
  • One-piece cold formed durability
  • Special notched thread design provides full thread engagement
  • In concrete, just drill and drive- in wood no pre-drilling required
  • Galvanic compatibility with dissimilar metals
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Once in place, PanelMate® anchors await quick and easy attachment of storm panels with 1/4" - 20 wing nuts
  • Diameter:  #14-10
  • Length:  5/8" Stud and 2 1/4" fastener
  • Head Style:  Hex head 3/16"
  • Materials:  Low carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Finish:  Corrosion-resistant finish



Installation   Approvals
  1. Premark your holes.
  2. Drill hole with PanelMate® carbide-tipped drill bit. masonry concrete bit for Max-Set Tapcon® screws about 2" deep. 
  3. Blow out hole with compressed air. 
  4. Using 3/16" nut driver, drive  PanelMate® into the hole.
  5. Drive Maxi-Set into the hole.
  When used with approved systems, PanelMate Plus fasteners meet Miami-Dade County Hurricane Standards:
  • PA201-94 Impact
  • PA201-94 Uniform Static Air Pressure
  • PA201-94 Cyclic Wind Loading