Hurricane Master Garage Door
Product Approval
Doors Designed to Resist Wind Speeds of 90 to over 150 MPH
Miami-Dade Product Aproval NOA
Garage Doors Built for Exceptional Life-Time Performance
Impact Resistance Steel Skin: All our door panels are manufactured from high strengh 24-gauge steel to protect against impact from airbone debris.
Hot-Dipped Galvanizing Process: Prior to manufacturing, our door´s steel skin is sub-merged in a continuous molten zinc bath that completely galvanizes both sides of the steel panel to ensure against corrosion.
Baked-On Primer Undercoat Treatment: A baked-on primer undercoat is next applied to both sides of the steel skin to increase the door's performance against corrosion and improve paint adhesion
Flexibe Baked-On Polyester Top Coat: Finally, a flexible baked-on white or almond colored polyester top-coat is added to provide a third corrosion barried for years of maintenance-free performance.
Single - Car
4'0" to 9'4"
+ 50 / - 60 psf
+ 62 / - 70 psf
+ 75/ - 90 psf
+ 93/ - 105 psf
11-0119.21 (Exp. 08/09/16)
11-0118.19 (Exp. 10/04/16)
Double - Car
9'6" to 16'2"
+ 27 / - 30 psf
+ 36 / - 44 psf
+ 48 / - 52 psf
+ 56 / - 64 psf
+ 40.5/ - 45 psf
+ 54/ - 66 psf
+ 72/ - 78 psf
+ 84/ - 96 psf
11-0118.20 (Exp. 08/14/16)
11-0414.12 (Exp. 07/21/15)
11-0414.13 (Exp. 07/21/15)
10-1014.05 (Exp. 02/22/16)
2 1/2 Car
16'4" to 18'2"
+ 40 / - 44 psf
+55 / -64 psf
+ 60/ - 66 psf
+ 82.5/ - 96 psf
09-0128.06 (Exp. 03/29/12)
09-0324.07(Exp. 03/10/13)

The patented InterForce™ Structural Reinforcement System is a stiffening, steel framing system embedded along the perimeter of each door section. By surrounding each door section, the InterForce is able to unify the individual door systems and magnify the door´s resistance to the extreme pushing and pulling effects of severe windstorms without additional reinforcement. When local building codes call for higher wind resistance, the embedded InterForce system allows the door's degree of wind resistance to be easily increased by permanently attaching slender reinforcement bars on the backside of the door. Unlike bulky conventional reinforcement beams, these slender reinforcement bars do not significantly reduce the overall garage space. With this factory-installed stiffening system, the InterForce eliminates the expense of reinforcement kits or other similar approaches usually required prior to installing electric door operators. The built-in reinforcement system also serves as an excellent method to prevent sagging and bowing, which is generally associated with wider doors.

Garage Door and Installation
Description Size Price
Single Car Garage  8 ft x 7 ft  $850.00
Single Car Garage  9 ft x 7 ft $895.00
Double Car Garage 16 ft x 7 ft $1,395.00
  • Installation included.
  • Removing and disposing of existing garage door.
  • Reconnecting existing garage door opener.
  • New side overhead tracks.
  • DAB Garage Door System warranty Registration.
  • Copies of Miami-Dade County NOA & Engineering.
  • Qualifies for all insurance wind mitigation inspections.
Additional Charges
Building Permit To be determine by each municipalities.
Removal of existing door No charge
New Garage Door Opener Call
Installation of Garage Door Opener Call
Manufacturer's Warranty
Our products will have no material defects or defective craftsmanship or DAB will resolve the problem. Our door systems are engineered to better resist the forces of nature. That iswhy DAB can offer its door systems with a timeless, Transferable Limited Master Warranty that passes from one homeowner to the next so long as the door remains installed on the property.

Extending the manufacturer's warranty coverage to successive property owners distinguishes a home in a competitive market by providing each new owner an extra measure of quality assurance. For additional details on our warranty coverage, please refer to the product´s written warranty or consult with your DAB dealer.


Repairs and Service

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